Information of Khandelwal Classes

We want to play our part in building a prosperous nation through education. A prosperous nation is built by highly skilled and technical people, the root of which is education in the stream of science and this is the turning point of a student’s career. We tutor students of science stream for XI/XII (Sc.) board exams/Engineering Entrance / Medical Entrance exams.

At Khandelwal Classes, students are our priority. We understand that for one’s prosperous future, good education is a must. We know that students have a difficult road ahead of getting good grades and they are in constant stress.

Our faculties are the best in industry with well over 30 years of experience in teaching. Our teaching metholodgy is based on the concept of “smart learning” and “fun while you learn” this makes learning joyful.

Prof. S. K. Khandelwal is of the firm view that a Guru gives right guidance to a student so that they can do wonders. To achieve this Prof. Khandelwal has concentrated all his efforts at one single location and he along with his team are available for students daily for their queries and problems.

We consider our students as our family members and are very much connected to them hence we feel that their success is our success. We have made a mark on all our past students and they have achieved their goal in life by finding success in each of their path, the foundation of which was laid down at our classes. Many of our students are now in UK / USA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA and various other countries and living a very good prosperous life. Our students who rose from lower middle class and middle-class families now have attained a much higher standard of living and acknowledge us for shaping their future at the right moment.

Khandelwal classes is the right launch pad to propel a student’s future and the decision to join us is the right decision.

About Principal

Professor Khandewal is a Gold medalist Engineer from the Prestigious VJTI college. He had a successful life as an engineer planned for him but he saw students struggling in studies right at the crucial part of their life and has been passionate for teaching. Due to lack of good teachers many deserving students could not make it into engineering or medical field. He started teaching science students so that they would not be afraid of such a difficult stream by making learning science fun and interesting.

Message from Principal's Desk

Dear students,

I want you to read this carefully and understand, every word used here is worth 1000 words, culminated through years of my experience. I want each one of you to be the “BEST” to achieve this, we at Khandelwal Classes will teach you with passion but we would also require best efforts from you.

You all know the story of rabbit and the tortoise. One wins by being consistent in his approach rather than being over confident. You need to study daily for same number of hours, you will get used to it and will never face difficulties of last minute studies.

Keep your goals higher than you think you can achieve. You know that the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa in Dubai but always remember it started with one simple brick. You should always aim for high marks, don’t be shy or afraid that you won’t achieve it. You have to lay strong foundation by studying one chapter at a time.

Practice is very important. A cricketer is a good batsmen or a bowler because he practices the same moves daily and perfects it by reducing his mistakes. You can be best at your studies when you practice daily and get ever increasing marks by understanding your mistakes and overcoming them.

In a long jump sport the contestant takes a good running start up before his big leap. To stay ahead and takes leaps of success in life you will have to spend long hours of studying.

You have a difficult year ahead but remember you can only know the sweetness when u know bitterness exist. You have to taste the bitter times of hard work to taste the sweet success at the end.

Always keep in mind, whenever you feel that you are in difficult situation say this to yourself “ I CAN DO IT”, “ THERE IS A WAY, AND I WILL FIND IT”.

I wish you all the best for your future, you are my students and I am passionate about you.

Prof. Khandelwal